12 Ways Chicagoland is Greener & Cleaner Than You Think


While the new Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously and recent International Panel on Climate Change report spotlight the troubling impacts of climate change –  there is hope!


Right here, in our own backyard, carbon-cutting is alive and well – thanks to a thriving clean energy scene. The span of leading efforts might surprise you! Chicago was recently named the … Read more

Green School Models NextGen Education


During my first visit to the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC), Daisy, a black hen, laid an egg at my feet as the students eagerly acquainted me with their vegetable beds.  Just one of many astonishing firsts I’ve experienced at this innovative green public school on the Chicago’s underserved southwest side.


AGC’s mission is to empower children to be mindful … Read more

Girl Takes On Plastic Bag Lobby (& Wins!)

Watch out for determined 13-year old eco-activists!  Last year the Illinois legislature passed a dubious industry-backed bill that required plastic bag manufacturers to set up recycling programs, but prohibited towns from enacting their own recycling mandates, “PlasTax” fees or outright bans on plastic bags. Intent on stopping the law, Grayslake eigth-grader Abby Goldberg started the Don’t … Read more

Waste Not


Longing for more recycling – especially at local businesses, multi-family buildings and construction/demolition sites?  food waste collection for composting?  plastic bag bans?  permanent household hazardous waste collection sites?  generally less waste heading to the landfill? and also live in Northern Cook County?


If so, please review the Solid Waste Agency of Northern … Read more

Consider This


When it comes to a complicated, controversial $41+ million municipal project, let’s dig a little deeper for good information.  Lately my inbox has been bombarded with ironic “THE TRUTH ABOUT…” e-mails from a pro-tunnel group. While they have been long on folksy, fact-ish viewpoints, I’ve noticed they are short on expertise, source links, authorship and accountability.   One that … Read more

Winnetka’s Tunnel Vision


In response to severe storms and significant flooding in Winnetka, the Village has proposed a new, controversial plan to manage stormwater.  Based on researching reports, attending meetings and talking with several experts, I will summarize my concerns about the Willow Tunnel (click links for back-up sources).


Let me start off by stating, I’m a 17-year resident of Winnetka. … Read more

North Shore Green Infrastructure Tour

Lately there’s been lots of buzz about green infrastructure.  Yet, I’ve found most people have no idea what it really is.  I admit it wasn’t on our radar when we built our new home in 2008. Then we flooded badly in 2011, and again in 2013. Since then we’ve sought out a variety of options to better manage stormwater on our property.  Last fall we installed Winnetka’s first permeable concrete … Read more

Clean Energy Rocks!

What started off as a green home and alternative energy talk for my son’s science class has evolved into an epic eco tour of Illinois’ and Chicagolands’s flourishing clean energy scene.  Last year, Ms. Goldberg asked me to give a few 30 minutes talks to her sixth grade classes. Since I’ve come across SO many compelling clean energy projects, I put together a jam-packed slideshow. The … Read more

Irresistible Green Gifts for the Holidays

I’ve gathered my list and checked it twice… to share some gifts merry and eco-nice!


Interesting in more meaningful giving?  Similar to last year’s Lovely, Green and Local Holiday gifts, this new slideshow spotlights sustainable goods and services sure to please. While there’s plenty of great reasons to shift some holiday spending to neighbor shops and non-profits over national … Read more

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Since October, I’ve started posting some of my thoughts on Huffington Post, including Solar Surprises in Illinois, Time to Speak up Against CarbonPollution and Let There Be Lightbulbs on Earth. Please follow me for more. … Read more